Novels That Challenge Your Spirit is the driving force behind my writing. I believe that Christian fiction should entertain while at the same time bring to bear the Truth of God's Word through the lives of the characters in the story. My hope and prayer is that those that read my books will not only be entertained by a page-turning thriller, but also be encouraged and challenged in their own walk with the Lord. 


The Ultimate Reality Show

How much will a Christian lie, cheat and steal to win $10,000,000? But all is not as it seems when Jack Forrest agrees to enter this reality TV show. Who’s behind it? And what will be revealed about Jack’s past?


The Lasko Interview

The main story-follows Rick Treadway, a young TV director wrapped up in a murder investigation. The back story-follows a nominal Christian as he comes to understand his role in the Body of Christ and the concept of not just going to church, but “Being the Church”.


Interview With The Devil

Written after 9/11, my favorite novel. Mark Taylor is offered an interview with the head of Jihad-al Sharia, the terrorist group waging war within America. An insightful look into the conflict with radical Islam and the West.


Circle Of Seven

Could a small group of men be manipulating public opinion polls How biased is the press? Investigative journalist Mark Taylor steps right into the Circle’s crosshairs in this romantic/political thriller.


Authentic Relationships

“The Lost Art of One-Anothering”

Co-written with my brother Wayne Jacobsen, a nonfiction treatment of the New Testament Scriptures to love one another, serve one another, bear one another’s burdens, and many more.